Adjustable custom fit
outstanding strength
superior protection
vibrant colors
express your personality 

The Art

Inspired by vintage sports cars, the exterior design of the Visesnut case is ageless and elegant in its simplicity. Lying beneath the surface of the design's simplicity is the genius technology through which our cases have been carefully crafted. 

The decorative curved lives abstractly imitate the F holes of classic instruments, giving the inspiration of musical art. 

Visesnut cases come in a variety of colors, allowing you to express your personality and style. 

The COncept

Traveling with musical instruments is part of being a musician. Many musicians develop a relationship with their instruments that is much more akin to that between family members than just another professional tool. It was our challenge to offer a lightweight but high-strength case for musical instruments. We wanted such protection to be the best option for travel but practical enough for every day use.